Choosing shower flooring

Choosing shower flooring

There is no doubt that shower flooring is one of the hottest topics in home design and remodeling.

Everyone would want to enjoy a well-designed home that conveys a more pleasant and homely feel.

In some cases, for example, the house can be designed in a cleaner and more modern style, which will be reflected in aesthetic furniture with clean lines, light colors and of course matching flooring.

The same is true of a rustic design style, which includes heavier furniture, warmer colors and flooring with darker shades.

The wisdom is to know how to properly combine all the different elements, in order to create a more pleasant and harmonious atmosphere.

We specialize in the production and import of various mosaics and tiles from all over the world.

We provide our customers with modern and innovative designs alongside more classic and rustic designs.

Everything important to know about choosing shower flooring
First of all, it is worth remembering that bathroom remodeling is considered to be one of the most common and familiar types of remodeling, since no one would want to get into a neglected and outdated bathroom.

Although this is a relatively small room, it significantly affects the whole atmosphere in the house.

That is why it is important to pay attention to it and renovate it in the most impressive way, in order to ensure yourself a more pleasant and aesthetic atmosphere in the entire space of the house.

It is worth remembering that this is a room that constantly suffers from relatively high humidity percentages, so the flooring must be as resistant to water and moisture as possible.

Keep in mind that the flooring in the shower significantly affects the whole feeling in the room, since it occupies a huge part of the space and can turn your bathroom into a cozy and spacious room, fun to enter, or alternatively, a denser and more closed room.

Today you can choose from a wide variety of different tiles for the bathroom, which can add color, light, a sense of space and of course a significant design element to the room space.

Choosing shower flooring

Choosing Shower Flooring – How To Do It Right?
Keep in mind that when it comes to shower flooring it is important to pay attention not only to the appearance of the tiles but also to their safety.

Since the bathroom tends to suffer from wet flooring, it is important to note that the selected tiles meet the most stringent regulations and come with a rough, non-slip finish.

Beyond that, it is worth paying attention to the issue of budget, since today you can find a wide range of different prices in the field.

Everyone can choose floors according to their budget, in order to enjoy the bathroom renovation without going bankrupt.

The durability of the tiles should be tested, and make sure that they can be used with you over the years, as there is no reason to re-tile the bathroom once every two years.

Of course the appearance of the tiles plays an important role, as it affects the design of the room and the feeling that prevails in it.

You should choose tiles that blend naturally into the overall design of the bathroom, which produce a cleaner and more inviting look.

Important tips for choosing shower flooring
In terms of design you can play with a wide variety of different tiles, which come in different colors and special patterns.

You can for example choose tiles with patterns with a clear line, or alternatively, play with illustrated tiles in different shades of gray, black and white.

Some people will prefer to choose solid color tiles, in order to leave the color games to the wall cladding.

Keep in mind that the tiles affect the feeling of space in the room, so one of the ways to give a feeling of a larger and more spacious room, is to choose tiles in light colors with a glossy finish, since the light reflection gives a feeling of a larger room.

Large, dark floors, on the other hand, will give the room a smaller look, so they will only be suitable for huge bathrooms, for a more intimate and warm feeling.

A well-designed bathroom makes the experience of staying in it more than a practical matter of maintaining body hygiene.

It is very pleasant to enter a bathroom where considerable thought, time and resources have been invested in turning it into a nice and comfortable space, one that serves its functions well and at the same time the atmosphere in it encourages us to relax, unwind, leave worries and enjoy respite more than bathing and body care.

In the past, the general lines of bathrooms were similar, and the supply – as far as fittings, wall cladding and flooring were concerned – was modest. Today there are no more restrictions on the freedom of creation, there is a huge variety of wall coverings and flooring for the bath, as well as tiles from different materials that are suitable to meet the challenges that this unique space in the house poses.

Here is an overview of different types of bath flooring, their relative advantages and disadvantages, what needs to be taken into account in order to choose flooring that will be both beautiful and useful and more.

Bathroom flooring

Adherence to wise choices regarding bathroom design

We all want a nice bathroom, one whose appearance and atmosphere indicate our character and preferences. A bathroom that will serve us well, such that any stay in it will become luxurious and full of batteries. Some people like a fancy luxury look, others prefer a practical, maybe even minimalist, simple and clean look. Whatever your preferences, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind when it comes to the choices we make when designing a bathroom in our home (whether it is the master bathroom or other bathrooms that are in the house).

The bathroom is a unique and challenging space – the humidity is high, water can splash on the floor and walls (especially when it comes to a bathroom that also serves children), cleaning materials can stain, erode or otherwise damage insufficiently durable surfaces, and more.

When making bathroom design choices, it is important to ensure the desired look and feel without compromising on necessary practical features such as moisture resistance, roughness enough to avoid the risk of slipping, easy maintenance and durability that will ensure maintaining a good looking look for many years to come.

Bathroom design in general and bathroom floor design in particular

A good bathroom design is one in which harmonious interactions take place between the shades, patterns and textures in the different areas. The bathroom floor is a large surface that only the walls are wider than, so it is very important to choose flooring that will serve as a suitable base from which continue to climb to the walls, accessories, cabinets, light fixtures, doors, ceiling and any other item, decorative or useful, that we choose to place in our bathroom.

Designing ceramics for the bath is an art. There are many types of tiles in different sizes and shades, with prints, patterns and more.

As far as the bathroom floor is concerned, it is very important to choose tiles with a high level of roughness. The degree of resistance to slipping is measured on a scale between R9 and R12, while for bathrooms it is recommended to choose a roughness level of R10 and above.

Of course, for the bath, a floor resistant to moisture and temperature changes was chosen. Porcelain granite tiles are a good choice, but today there are other options as well. It is worth noting that in the case of bathroom remodeling the new floor tiles can usually be glued on top of the old ones.

In recent years prominent trends in bathroom design include wood, marble or concrete-like flooring, all natural materials that tend to absorb water, so durable porcelain granite tiles are produced that allow to achieve a desired look without compromising on the necessary level of durability.

Choosing bathroom flooring

A notable trend in bathroom design in recent years is the use of tiles in geometric shapes that add interest, such as triangles, rhombuses, hexagons and more. Such tiles can be used to cover the entire floor area, or only part of it. Also for the bathroom walls you can choose a stylish decorative cladding – for example, mosaic for the bathroom – ask for large tiles designed as if they are made of small mosaic stones, and more.

Vintage style design lovers can choose bathroom floor tiles on which paintings are embedded. Such tiles blend well with cabinets rich in special fittings, items made of relatively coarse wood, and shades of light blue.
Bathroom tiles with a modern, simple and clean look can blend well with hidden light fixtures, cabinets with an innovative design, bright colors and large mirrors.

Bathroom flooring

If you have the opportunity to design a bathroom in a new home or renovate an existing bathroom and give it a look that will upgrade the experience of using it daily, it is very important to choose the right flooring.

Allow yourself time to be impressed by the large supply, consult with sales representatives and other professionals, get to know the different tile properties, create a simulation of your bathroom while choosing one or another flooring for it and only then make a decision that will ensure the desired result.