Flooring and everything in between

Flooring and everything in between
Master applies glue tiles for facing the house. The master builder decorates the walls of the apartment. Finishing the building with modern materials.

Today it is already clear to everyone that the flooring of the house is an essential part of the general atmosphere of the place. If in the past it was thought that the general design of the house is mainly influenced by the color of the walls, the type of curtains and the quality of the furniture, then today there is no doubt that the tiles of the house significantly affect the whole feeling in the place.

This is a huge area that catches quite a bit of attention, so broken, cracked, scratched or stained floors can significantly damage the overall design of the house.

No one would want to go back to a house that contains an old, neglected floor that gives a less pleasant and less inviting atmosphere. It is therefore not surprising that quite a few people have been interested in recent years in the field of flooring gluing, which is the most convenient and quickest method, for the purpose of re-flooring the house.

What exactly is flooring gluing?

Gluing flooring allows anyone to renew the overall look of the home, by replacing the existing flooring with new and fresher flooring. If in the past it was necessary to remove the old tiles in order to replace them with new tiles, then today the new flooring can be glued over the existing flooring, which can save you quite a bit of time, hassle, money and unnecessary headache.

This is an operation that is essentially similar to the application of parquet, since it does not require displacement of the existing tiles, which often causes quite a bit of dust and dirt in the entire space of the house.

Since most people are not interested in living inside a construction site, the vast majority will prefer to stick the new tiles over the old tiles, in order to minimize the levels of dirt and clutter. It can also save quite a bit of time, as the gluing process does not require too much complexity, but only professional cleaning and applying glue on the existing tiles, in order to lay the new tiles on top of them in the most stable way.

Adhesive flooring – for whom can it be suitable?

The process of gluing the flooring can suit anyone who wants to renew the look of their tiles, without spending too much time or money on it. This is an efficient and fast process, which does not require special preparation and does not lead to piles of dirt, dust and construction debris.

However, it is worth noting that the process is not suitable for a situation where the existing tiles are not on one level, or alternatively, when it comes to curved tiles. In cases of subsidence or elevation of the old tiles, it is difficult to glue the new tiles evenly and aesthetically and this may result in less durable and less professional results. Beyond that, keep in mind that if there is moisture trapped under the old tiles, it is important to treat the moisture and avoid sticking the new flooring to the existing tiles.

Flooring – What is important to consider?

First of all, it is important to carry out the work in the most accurate and professional way, since a crooked and inaccurate result can result in a less aesthetic appearance of the entire home space.

It is important to ensure that the work is carried out only by skilled and experienced professionals, who can guarantee you an accurate and high-quality adhesion. Also, care should be taken to replace the panels, in order to create a more harmonious and pleasant feeling. In addition, it is worth noting that in some cases it will be necessary to shorten the length of the doors, in order to allow their smooth opening and closing.

It is important to emphasize that synthetic tiles will adhere better to synthetic tiles, whereas natural tiles will adhere more stably and durable to natural tiles, so it is important to be careful about that.