Shower Tile&Style

Shower Tile&Style

Your shower is not only a corner that needs to function well it is also an impressive decorative element in the bathroom and can have a big impact on the overall value of your home. If the shower looks a bit outdated and worn, it may be time to consider remodeling and renovating.

And when it comes to changing the look of a bathroom, shower tiles play an important design role. It is important that they are resistant to water and moisture and of course easy to clean. When chosen properly, shower tiles are able to maintain a beautiful appearance forever. Here are 5 ideas for shower tiles that can refresh the look of your bathroom, including vintage shower tiles.

Budgeting the shower tiles

Every renovation project requires proper budgeting before you even buy anything. Keep in mind that bathroom remodeling is not cheap and tiling the shower is an upgrade that should fit your budget.

Tile styles

Vintage tiles: Today there are plenty of options for ceramic tiles with a timeless vintage look. It is recommended to choose a glossy finish that has a higher resistance to mildew and can give the space a special and great look.

Wood-like tiles: One of the new trends in bathrooms and showers is the choice of wood-like tiles. These tiles are usually made of ceramic or porcelain, they give the space a rustic look and are able to greatly upgrade your bathroom.

Pebbles: This style of tile will really bring you back to nature with pebbles and gravel in your shower. This is a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a unique element to their shower. This cladding or flooring can be obtained in two ways – as individual pieces or as mosaic tiles. Keep in mind that these pebbles can easily trap soap and moisture and grout lines can get dirty easily too.

Glass mosaic: Using glass mosaics ensures a perfect look for the shower and bathroom. With these mosaics you can customize the look of your shower, these tiles are easy to clean and stain resistant. However, the installation requires some patience to install the tiles perfectly.

Travertine tiles: If you are looking for an option of elegant natural stone, travertine tiles guarantee a timeless and beautiful look for any bathroom. This material is common for shower flooring, but is slowly starting to climb towards the shower walls as well. These tiles must be sealed to ensure maximum protection from mold and mildew, but be careful not to choose flooring with a very glossy seal that can cause slipping and falling in the shower.

The travertine tiles in the shower require a little more care than the other options. And as in the case of natural stone it is important to avoid using vinegar and bathroom cleaners that can damage the tile. You will need to invest in a detergent that is specifically suitable for treating natural stone in the shower.

Marble Tiles: If you are looking for a sophisticated look that has never gone out of fashion, marble may be the right choice. The marble ensures a beautiful elegant look and provided you do not use detergents that will play with the tiles and cause them over time from scratches and cracks.

Decorative Tiles: How can you not stop at the best-selling category in the tile industry. Painted tiles were and will be the “BEST SELLERS”. They come in endless shades, sizes and finishes.

Painted tiles for the shower – how to maintain proportions

Decorative tiles have been one of the hottest trends in Israel for several good years, and for good reason: they are one of the best ways to add character, personality and uniqueness to any space. There is no doubt that the task of choosing tiles for the bathroom in general and the shower in particular can be very enjoyable, but how do you get all the tiles chosen to sing together in a harmonious chorus? The key is to pay attention to the colors and match the tiles to your personal style. Doing it? If you follow the guidelines here, you will be able to reach your desired destination quite easily.

Choose unloaded colors

The choice of color is indeed a very subjective matter, but the rules of design still apply to it. Do not use more than three colors unless you have chosen mosaic tiles. If the bathroom is small, it is better not to choose too many dark colors that will make the room feel crowded. As part of choosing the colors, also decide if you want to cover the entire bathroom with tiles or only a small part of it, like a single wall. If you choose to design the entire room in a strong and dominant color, it is best to cover with tiles only a limited area to avoid overload.

If it is a medium to large room, choose colors that will match other design elements in the room. For example, you will not want to choose white tiles for a bathroom that has elements of natural wood and earth tones. Instead, choose decorative tiles that will cover part of the floor, or incorporate them in different places on the walls. Either way, make sure you match the color of the tiles to the other elements to create a harmonious look.

Consider the texture of the tiles

Tiles come in a variety of materials, from marble tiles with a glossy finish to natural stones with a rough or matte finish. Each finish creates a different look. For example, the use of rough finishes may create a three-dimensional feel in the bathroom and a dramatic look. Try to imagine what the tile will look like in the final design and try to create a visually pleasing visual texture.

Combine your favorite designs

There is no right or wrong in a design that suits your taste, but just remember that you do not have to use the same color throughout the space. Instead, try to combine different tiles in a way that will create balance. If you choose no more than three types of tiles, whether they are different in color, type or size, you can bring interest to the space in a harmonious way. For example, you may choose a solid color but tiles in different sizes and shapes.

Understand how to create an atmosphere with the bathroom tiles

What is the atmosphere you would like in the bathroom? Do you dream of a luxurious spa atmosphere? Or maybe about a homely and minimalist atmosphere? The choice of tiles is what will affect the atmosphere in the room. Materials like glass and ceramics create a more modern look, while marble is classic and suitable for spa-like designs. It is best to choose the decorative tiles only after you have decided on the right atmosphere for you and combine them accordingly. There are vintage style painted tiles and also those that feature geometric shapes and can fit into a more modern design and therefore, find the style that suits the ambiance you have chosen.

Introduce interest with decorative tiles

Any bathroom can be WOW. Sometimes, it is a special bath and sometimes a designed sink. But there is no doubt that the use of decorative tiles is one of the best ways to add quite a bit of uniqueness and personality to the space. If you choose tiles decorative for the floor, make sure that the cladding in the shower and the rest of the space does not overshadow the flooring or cause a mess in the eyes. And if you chose to cover a wall with decorative tiles, just make sure that the colors match the rest of the cladding in the space.