Wall cladding

Wall cladding

Wall tile cladding is a very important part of the construction process, for two reasons: practical and aesthetic.
In practical terms, the cladding adds durability to the wall, and ensures long-term stability for the house.
At the same time, stone cladding is also very beautiful, and different from materials
Many others, stone is not destroyed over the years, these just the opposite, become more and more interesting and eye-catching.

Your house will become timeless and thus beautiful and decorative at all times, and in many ways it will receive eternal life, like the stone with which the cladding is made.

Now that we have an idea of ​​the benefits of cladding, we will tell more about the processes of stone selection, what the work involves, and what factors make it more expensive.
First, you should know that there are five types of stone that are recommended for cladding: natural stone but with a style
Antique (for lovers of an original look), bricks from dismantling, polished natural stone (for shine lovers), kurkar stone in various sizes, subject to the customer’s choice.

The choice of cladding, type of stone and type of work is done according to the style of the whole house.
It is worth remembering that cladding is not a process that can be done only for the exterior walls of the house, it can also be done for interior walls for decorative purposes.
It is highly recommended to match the stone to the shade and also to the character of the house.

So before you make choices and decisions, you should consult a designer who is with you in the same mind and knows what you will like as well,
And also among all the people who live in the house. The cladding should add beauty and strength to both the building and the family living in it, rather than sowing arguments and disagreements.

So first of all belong your home to a suitable category. If it is a modern house, polished stones, or gray with a polished finish should be used.
The most universal type is a traditional house. In such a house can be used antique-style cladding, or rectangles of sawn stone only.
This option is very suitable for those who are looking to save, because it does not include any processing.

Other ways to save is to make partial cladding, such as a pillar 1-3 width that will add beauty and splendor to a home.
Another way to save but get a luxurious look, is to highlight only the openings of the house, using a stone application.

The material and application are a little more expensive than paint, but beauty and splendor are worth a small extra in the price.
And another detail that is important to consider, after doing cladding, there is no need for new painting or plaster renewal. So do not forget that the investment
The wider current will result in significant savings in the future.