What to choose? Matte or glossy flooring – a guide

What to choose? Matte or glossy flooring – a guide

Are you also about to tile the house and decide between matte and glossy flooring?
Both types of finish have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the size of the space, its lighting, and of course the atmosphere you want to create.
But in the end, the choice of matte or glossy, is driven by a completely personal preference.

Matte flooring

Benefits of a matte floor

Better grip

A matte floor, has a better grip strength than a glossy floor, and is the obvious choice for bathroom or kitchen flooring.
Never tile a wet room with a glossy floor. In the hallway, where there is more traffic, a matte floor is always preferable.
A matte finish will also hide the dirt that accumulates at the entrance to the house and in the hallway.

At the same time, do not forget that every floor becomes slippery when it is wet, both glossy and matte.

Easy to maintain

In contrast to glossy tiles, matte tiles well hide stains, dried water drops, etc.
Therefore, they do not require frequent cleaning. And when cleaning, there is no need to worry about soap marks.
The low maintenance requirement of matte tiles makes them an obvious choice in places where cleaning is done less frequently.

Gives a rustic, natural finish

If you want to give a room a natural or rustic look, matte tile is the right choice.
You will find in the market a huge variety of tile textures such as stone, wood, slate and more, which will give the space a natural, warm and homey look.

Disadvantages of the matte floor

The stains are more stubborn

True, matte tiles do not easily expose stains and dirt and do not require frequent cleaning, but, when it needs to be cleaned
The matte floor, the harder it is to remove the stains, compared to the glossy floor.

The space does not open

Because matte tiles do not reflect light, they cannot open up the space, as the glossy floor does.
Therefore, it is better to tile in these tiles large spaces with excellent lighting.

Glossy flooring

The benefits of the glossy floor

A small room looks big

A glossy floor in a small room makes the room look bigger. Glossy tiles reflect light and allow light to skip across the room.
A glossy floor opens up the small space and creates the illusion that it is much larger.
Therefore, glossy tiles are a great choice for bathrooms, or for denser areas that are embedded within a wide space.

Makes the look of the dark room brighter

For similar reasons, a glossy floor can make the space look lighter and brighter, especially if the glossy tiles are white.
Glossy tiles are the ideal choice for illuminating small dark rooms.

Easy to clean

The slick nature of the glossy tiles makes it possible to clean the floor with a light wipe.
Therefore, these tiles are ideal for the bathroom walls, and the splash wall, above the kitchen sink.

The practical location for shiny tiles, is around the fireplace.
The soot and dirt created by the fire on the glossy surface can be easily removed.
A glossy surface will give the fireplace area a sense of original and authentic look.

Disadvantages of the glossy floor

Dangerous for slipping

A glossy, smooth surface tends to be more slippery than a matte surface, especially when the floor is wet.
Therefore, it is less recommended to use glossy flooring in the bathroom or kitchen where moisture and humidity often prevail.
Nor in the hallway, where there is probably a lot of traffic relative to the rest of the house.

Reveals stains

The more shiny the floor, the easier it is to see the dirt on it. A glossy surface tends to highlight stains and fingerprints.
Therefore, a glossy finish is more demanding in terms of cleaning, compared to matte. And should constantly wipe off any dirt that has accumulated on the floor.

Has luminous reflective properties

Some people just do not like a shiny look, and there are rooms that do not fit a shiny floor.
If you want to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the room, then a completely glossy floor will not fit.
The glowing light effect will be distracting and will not suit the relaxed atmosphere.