Decorative tiles for the floor

Decorative tiles for the floor

The tiles are an ancient product that is at least 8000 years old and you can find decorative floor tiles in various shapes and shades around the world.
Like Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Europe and the remnants of the ancient Greek cities.

The tiles were originally used as an element to add beauty to the living spaces and were applied to the walls and floors.
The early designs featured decorations of white and blue stripes, followed by wider decorations of varied patterns and colors.

Custom decorative tiles – Decorative tiles for the floor

The aesthetics of our personal environment is part of the development of artistic tiles.
The aesthetics or beauty of the work responds to the principle of human enjoyment and evokes emotion in it.
The emotional connection created connects the person to the experience of pleasure. Emotions are evocative and we all respond according to specific compositions.

But when a work of art becomes a commodity, the emotion is removed from the observation of the work and the connection formed is only formal.
To get the excitement back from the floor tiles or walls in our house, we can add to them
Artistic paintings that will bring back the excitement of the beauty of the mirror every time we enter the room.

Indeed, decorative floor tiles can add elegance or cheerfulness to our living space today as well, but often
These decorations involve quite a bit of money.
In order to avoid displacing the existing tiles and the high cost of the commercial tiles, there are some homeowners who have chosen
Achieve a similar look by adding a painting on the floor tiles.

This do-it-yourself solution can allow for a variety of finishes and turn a matte monochrome tile into a playful and interesting pattern.
But, you do not have to be an artist and paint or paint the tiles yourself.
Decorative floor tiles are available on the market today. These are custom-designed ceramic tiles, hand-painted and burnt at high heat.
These tiles are manufactured in any size for any purpose such as the kitchen wall or shower behind the sink (the backsplash), a decorative wall and more.

Artistic tiles

One can find today ceramic tiles with spectacular artistic paintings.
When these Decorative tiles are burned in the oven they will add color, charm and unique beauty to the home or office.

Popular designs of these tiles for walls include painting of palm tree, sea view, tropical landscape, reefs
Corals and marine animals, lighthouse and other picturesque landscapes. Almost anything you want can be painted for you.

Each painting on a ceramic wall can be created according to your specific requirements.
This is what is good about artistic painting, it can be customized to meet the needs of every dimension and every kind of atmosphere.

Decorative tiles for the floor

The decorative tiles, the painted art tiles are shot in the kiln to permanently fix the painting.
That is, the painting does not rub, does not wash, does not fade and is not affected by heat, the spray of hot and cold liquids or foods spilled on it.
There are a variety of painted tile brands but there are also quite a few contemporary craftsmen who can provide an authentic and unique design to their clients.