Living room wall design – tips and tricks

Living room wall design – tips and tricks

The living room walls, with quite a few houses, tend to be dull. In most cases the living room is exposed and looks nothing more than a box populated with people. But it does not have to be that way. You can create something unique and beautiful with very little work required to move the walls of the room to a whole other level.

One of the big mistakes people make is to rely entirely on the vision of others, instead of creating something unique that they can do for themselves.

Ask yourself a simple question: Does the living room design work? If you do not like your answer to this question, a sign that you need to change the current condition of the walls of your living room, and create something more reliable and pleasant.

Of course you are free to choose the decoration of the walls as you see fit, but you can also use some of the following ideas, if they are to your liking:

  1. Before you start implementing a wall design in the living room, you must first thoroughly clean the walls. Dust cleaning is essential. The cleaning will help you achieve a sleek and finished look when you start designing the walls of your living room. Do not be afraid of the task of maintaining the walls. It’s not as hard to clean them as you think. It will take some work, but with the right approach, everything needed to make the design happen is already within your reach.
  2. One of the options for an interesting design of the living room walls is to choose and stick to a particular theme (for example, wallpaper cladding in a pattern suitable for modern industrial design or wood cladding, or wood-like, to create a rustic atmosphere and the like). The theme will help you design the living room walls inspired by it. It is usually advisable to emphasize only one wall in a motif that represents the theme, from the perception that clean and simple design is a safe bet. You should choose a wall design that will make the other items in the room look good in the long run. As long as you maintain the boundaries of aesthetics and do not apply impractical things, there is no danger that you will miss out.
  3. Photographs and paintings are great elements for decorating the walls of a room. The pictures can become a huge part of the efforts you put in to achieve an ideal design in the room. Please note, if you use too many paintings or photographs you may create a sense of claustrophobia. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you use these works of art sparingly.
  1. If you want to create a special atmosphere in the living room, one of the beautiful options is to cover one wall with brick or stone-like cladding. This is a cladding that looks exactly like the natural stone but without the weight and difficulty involved in installing a wall of natural stones or bricks.
  2. You will also need to choose the color scheme that will suit the walls of your living room. Do not forget that colors will have a profound effect on the psyche of the family members living in the house, and do your best to make sure that some of the shades will be colors that are considered welcoming.

You can use one of these ideas on the walls of your living room, but keep in mind that there are things that flow while working. A harmonious look will create a pleasant feeling in the living room, but will also ensure that you do not mess with things that go beyond the natural harmony, a bold color or other element that just does not go well with the rest of the decorations in the room.

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