Stone and stone-like interior wall cladding

Stone and stone-like interior wall cladding

Stone and stone-like interior wall cladding
For homeowners, designers, contractors and architects – hearing about a hot new trend in interior and exterior design is always exciting. But when one realizes that the new trend is also very economical, it is really a willow music to the ears of everyone especially in the current economic situation.
Stone-like wall cladding, is an attractive, and increasingly popular, way of decorating a home, but is much more than that. It is also a very economical alternative compared to other claddings.

What is stone-like cladding?

Stone-like cladding consists of cement, lightweight elements of real stone, pigments of iron oxide, water repellents and various polymers. Stone-like claddings have different properties in order to achieve the natural stone look and are designed so that they can deal with various harmful elements.

Useful exterior and interior

Homeowners who use stone-like cladding (whether they are building a house, selling or buying a house), are usually at the forefront in terms of using the latest home design trends. Therefore, it is no wonder that one can find different uses for cladding in stone-like material both indoors and outdoors.

For example, you can cover the stair area, bar, kitchen island, wine cellar, fireplace area and any item that is supposed to attract attention in your “dream house” with stone-like material.

Walls lined with stone-like material are also suitable for outdoor uses in the garden, such as the patio or grill area and give homeowners a great place to stay outside on hot days.


The manufacturing process makes the stone-like panels good insulators and resistant to temperature changes. They do not expand and contract as the temperature rises or falls.

It is recommended to use boards that are also endowed with some resistance to fire so that they can be adapted for use around the fireplace. However, you should be careful not to use a product made of polyurethane around the fireplace opening if there is not enough space to ensure that the panels are not exposed to flames. Fire panels are not only highly flammable but also produce toxic gases and can even create serious smoke.