Decorative tiles

Decorative tiles

At The Tile People our range of decorative tiles come in a variety of sizes, colours, textures, and designs. All suitable for floor and wall applications and not to mention the option to use these stunning tiles for outdoor use. Why not have an exciting and out of the box design. A perfect eye-catching patio piece or an addition to an exquisite garden piece.

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How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s coming back”, a painted floor or painted tiles in a particular area! But first, look at the pictures 

The beauty of today’s age is that in the face of all the technology and dizzying development in many subjects, one can also notice appreciation for what they were once, notice trends that respect the inventions of yesteryear and today do not try to compete or qualify but simply recognize their advantages as  they are and therefore return them to be part General. 

Today we are here to shed some light on a topic that everyone loves but does not quite understand. The return of the painted flooring. If old houses were once lit thanks to a floor with a pattern he wanted on it, then even today you can find new and modern houses that seek to use the same effect of a decorated floor exactly to create a unique impression and style. However, innovations can be seen in the field, such as those that try to lower costs and upgrade the convenience of routine maintenance. So if once there were  very thick tiles made of concrete in which the painting is deeply embedded and is not just the result of investing in the outer layer, then today you can find competing products at lower costs. 

This is an artificial flooring made of porcelain and ceramic tiles. The result is excellent so you can choose whether to put them outside, in places that come in regular contact with water, use of public, private space and the like.

Test result

If it used to be difficult to get them and only in specific stores it was possible to enjoy their selection, then with the demand more and more places are offering a full range of them. This is a retro style with an atmosphere of nostalgia, people consider them a very up-to-date design line. So if they have stood the test of time throughout the years and still come out on top, there is no reason to fear that in a few more years they will get tired of them. 


Although the tiles of yesteryear were more massive, today’s tiles can be more preserved from various stains. You can easily polish them and restore their shine, use different materials such as different types of sealer to prevent seepage of staining materials and at the same time allow the water to evaporate from them. So you can also maintain a decorated floor more easily and also enjoy a unique and unrivaled result.

Decorated floor! Concrete floors are decorated in an antique and modern style. Reducing costs of tiles decorated with ceramics and porcelain that do not require maintenance and are suitable for the interior and exterior of the house…

In general, not all painted tiles are made of porcelain granite, so it is highly advisable to pay good attention to the thickness of the “biscuit” of the tile or the thickness of its “glaze” in order to understand whether we are going to purchase a quality tile or not.

The initial test that can be done is to look at the color of the tile from the side, then if the tile is red it is definitely not a porcelain tile but a ceramic one, and if the tile is white or gray it can be both a ceramic tile and a porcelain tile. 

“Porcelain granite” on the tip of the fork

Painted or not, porcelain granite is used for exterior and interior flooring and for interior and exterior wall cladding of buildings. They are characterized by high resistance to abrasion and breakage and are known to retain their shape over time. However the durability of the tile is affected by the composition of the materials from which it is made, its thickness and its combustion process. 

Porcelain tiles are manufactured in various countries, such as China, Italy, Turkey and Spain. In the process of making porcelain tiles, many colors can be created, various examples such as: natural stone-like porcelain granite, concrete-like tiles, painted tiles, terrazzo, pebbles and parquet-like tiles, and various textures such as: anti-slip flooring, matte, glossy or lattice-finished tiles. Therefore they can be used for various design purposes such as: exterior flooring.

Today, following the advancement of production and scanning techniques – there is a wide variety of pressed porcelain granite tiles waiting for natural stone, decorations and layers at a level that is indistinguishable between the two. These tiles are also available in an anti-slip finish (you can read more about what an anti- slip is here) that prevents slipping, is easy to clean and does not require any maintenance. Thanks to their high strength, they are suitable for paving the paths, the pergolas, the stairs and the parking area. In our factory it is also possible to produce stairs and copings from the tile itself in this way a perfect result can be guaranteed. 

The standard porcelain tiles are made of layers of different materials, and the appearance of the tile is determined by the top layer. Some of the layers are made of cheaper materials, which lowers the tile . Full body tiles, the whole tile is made of one material. Such a tile, which is more expensive, is more resistant to abrasion, because the color and texture are present throughout the tile and not just in the top layer. 

In the field of exterior flooring, porcelain granite has revolutionized its variety of designs, and its price is reasonable in relation to materials such as natural stone and marble. Porcelain is currently the most common material for flooring and cladding.