Backsplash tile for the kitchen and bathroom

Backsplash tile for the kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen tiles

Are you building? Renovating? Looking for cladding solutions for the kitchen and bathroom environment?
In the article in front of you you will find professional information on choosing ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom.

Ceramic cladding for kitchen and bathroom, constitute one of the most popular cladding solutions in the global living environment,
This is in view of the many benefits that come with all those ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Today, you can enjoy a growing supply of ceramic tiles for kitchen and bathroom cladding,
When the impressive supply of tiles allows each and every one of you to enjoy decorative matching solutions between the type of kitchen
Whether you dream of it or between the design atmosphere you will want to create in the bathroom and the various cladding tiles.

Ceramics for the kitchen

How to choose ceramic for the kitchen?
The choice of ceramics that will be placed in the kitchen and / or bathroom and will be used for ceramic cladding for the kitchen or bathroom,
Will largely determine the atmosphere and design of the space.
In the present era, the variety of designs and textures is wide, so that every person can find what he is looking for
Easily and match the choice of ceramic to the rest of the design and the prevailing atmosphere in the home space.

Beyond the desire for the perfect design, it is right to choose ceramics that allow easy and quick cleaning, for the well-being and quality of life of the household
And it is said: Ceramics for the kitchen are carefully chosen or not bought at all.

Choosing ceramic cladding for the kitchen and bathroom
Choosing a ceramic cladding for the kitchen, it is recommended that you do according to the shade that dominates the environment
The kitchen and depending on the size of the kitchen space available to you.
Today, you will find ceramic tiles for a country kitchen that include, among other things, cladding
Wood-like ceramics alongside ceramic tiles for a white and modern kitchen.

The ceramic tiles for the kitchen environment, similar to those offered to you for the environment
The bathrooms now come in all required sizes, all accompanied by colors and textures.
The variety of options available to you today, allows each of you to design the kitchen of your dreams.

In kitchens where the cladding tiles are intended for the wall in a relatively small area, we recommend that you choose small-sized tiles
To medium in order to give the cladding a decorative dimension.

On the other hand, in kitchens where the wall area is relatively large, it is recommended to choose larger tiles beyond
For their integration as a decorative element in the kitchen environment, they constitute a convenient and effective cladding shell for cleaning.

Ceramic cladding for the kitchen

In the tile shops you will find all the types of ceramics and claddings you have dreamed of and requested
Install in your home, from the modern design to the classic design.
The choice of ceramics is usually made with the personal and professional guidance and service of one
Representatives of the company – perfectly matched to the need and budget you define.

Ceramic tile flooring for the kitchen and bathroom allows you to create beautifully designed, beautiful, hard and durable walls and floors.
Aside from the very representative and special look of the ceramic tiles, these tiles are resistant to almost all the factors responsible for the erosion of the floor.

The professional advice offered by us also guarantees you an optimal choice of ceramics
For the kitchen, and all in full customization to the type of kitchen you dream of, the size of the kitchen
At your disposal and the design atmosphere you will want to create in the kitchen environment.

Ceramics for kitchen cladding – all the benefits

Ceramic cladding for the kitchen, whether it is cladding tiles intended for the kitchen walls or not
If it is ceramic tiles for kitchen flooring, allow you to enjoy a wide variety of
The following benefits are reflected in each of the modern models of ceramic tiles for the home kitchen.

Here is a list of some of the many benefits of ceramic tile:
Durability over time – Ceramic tiles are extremely durable. Ceramic surfaces have, relatively, longer life,
Compared to most other materials used for flooring or bathroom wall cladding.

Fireproof – Ceramic tiles are fireproof.
This means that they do not burn, do not produce smoke and do not emit toxic fumes.

Moisture – Ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom for example, are a great choice for use in areas
Wet, provided they are properly installed and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Some types of ceramics (like porcelain) are also opaque.
That is, the moisture absorption rate is less than 0.5%.

· Resistance to abrasion and wear as a result of treading on the floor – the ceramic tiles are used
For flooring bustling commercial spaces and residential sites.
These tiles can withstand heavy traffic of pedestrians, due to their strength of resistance and durability
In the face of abrasion and wear that creates multiple treading on the tiles.

Slip resistance force – Ceramic tiles are specially treated so that they can prevent slipping.
This is done by adding gravel or other texture to the surface that creates an anti-slip element.
Anti-slip is especially required when it comes to using ceramic tiles for flooring.

Frost resistance – Glazed ceramic tiles and all types of porcelain tiles are frost resistant.
These tiles are especially suitable for areas that are exposed to frost during the year.

Ceramics for the bathroom

Other benefits that are important to know
· Resistance to thermal shock – Ceramic tiles that have been properly installed and paved will not suffer
Distorts and will not break even in extreme temperature conditions.

· Resistance to stains and easy maintenance – to keep the ceramic surface clean, everything you need
To do is sweep, clean using a vacuum cleaner and rinse the floor with water regularly.

Chemicals – Ceramic tiles are very resistant to chemicals.

Preserving the color – Direct exposure of ceramic tiles to sunlight will not change their color and will not cause the color to fade.

Hygiene (hygiene) – the ceramic tiles are easy to clean and allow hygiene to be maintained without special effort.
Therefore, they are highly recommended for areas that require a very high sanitary standard.

A bar in a public building or in a building for residential purposes, whether it is indoor areas or areas
Outside the house – you can consider the use of ceramic tiles for flooring or cladding.
These tiles will give you not only a charming visual aesthetic, but also an exceptional and unique durability.

Once you have examined this selected list that includes the benefits of ceramic tile, all you have to do is
Choose the most suitable ceramic for the area you want to tile or cover.

You should consult with a company representative to find out what exactly suits your needs in terms of
The factors mentioned above like: humidity, pedestrian traffic, danger of slipping and the like.

The advantages listed above, are included in both the same ceramic cladding tiles for the kitchen and the same
Ceramic tiles for bathroom cladding or ceramic cladding in the living room.
Although there is a decorative difference mainly in the action of ceramic cladding in the kitchen and the action of ceramic cladding
In the living room or guest rooms are different in the living environment, but the qualities of the raw materials are uniform.

Ceramic bathroom cladding tiles – what is important to know?
Ceramic tiles for the bathroom, similar to ceramic tiles for the kitchen, are quality tiles
Coming today in a growing variety of sizes, shapes, textures and shades.
These tiles are suitable for any bathroom of any size, and it is recommended to choose between them according to
The design atmosphere you want to create in the bathroom.

Purchase ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom
When you go about choosing and purchasing ceramic tiles for the bathroom, it is advisable to consider a number of preliminary parameters such as:

Tile shade – ceramic tiles designed for bathrooms, come in all colors and shades,
When the choice of the right shade must be made in accordance with your favorite dominant color. Alongside uniformly colored tiles designed for bathrooms, you will also find light or dark colored tiles that incorporate decorative decorations in a contrasting shade,
Ceramic tiles in a shade (lightens to darker or vice versa) and tiles in bright colors, along with wood-like ceramic tiles.

Tile Size – Ceramic bathroom tiles now come in any required size, in contrast to the past during which the tiles were marketed
In a uniform and standard size of 20 by 20 cm per tile.
Similar to choosing ceramic tiles for the kitchen, also for bathrooms it is recommended to choose the size of the tiles accordingly
The size of the space available to you and the extent of the wall areas you want to cover. It is important to note that modern tiles come not only in sizes on demand but also in shapes
Variety and this allows you to create a designed environment also in the bathroom.

Design style – the growing supply of ceramic tiles for bathrooms, allows you to choose between wood-like tiles and tiles
Characterized by a metallic and innovative look, along with tiles that combine such and other decorations.
The choice of the design style of the tiles must be made according to your favorite design style and accordingly
For the design atmosphere you want to create in the bathroom.
Tile qualities and level of finish – When choosing and purchasing tiles for bathrooms, it is important to check the qualities of the tiles and their level of finish.
It is highly recommended to purchase tiles that are adapted and designed for a humid and wet environment in order to ensure yourself tiles that are preserved for a long time, along with tiles that can be easily cleaned.

When you want to create a beautiful and unique interior space, think of wall cladding
To one of the walls of the space (living room, kitchen, bathroom…).
Wall cladding provides an elegant and luxurious solution. Stone or glossy wall cladding, for example, will provide you with a durable wall
For many years with the addition of a unique aesthetic look.

There are different types of cladding for the interior walls of the house and even though cladding is one of the living room walls
Wood is very popular, keep in mind that there are other wall cladding materials that can add up
The decorative touch you want to create in the space of your home.

Wall cladding

In what space is the covered wall?

When looking for interior wall cladding in a home it is important to know the needs of a wall in the living room or hallway
Are not similar to the needs of a wall that is in the bathroom or kitchen.

It is obvious and obvious that when it comes to wall cladding in bathrooms or kitchens it is impossible
Be content only with the characteristics of beauty and design, but it is also important to choose materials that are resistant to moisture and mold
Materials that are easy to clean from oil and food stains in the kitchen, or wetting and mold in the bathroom.

Therefore, in the bathroom and kitchen it is important to seal the stone with a coating that repels water but does not affect or change the appearance of the stone surface.

If your kitchen has already seen better days than these, and you are looking for a way to improve its appearance, you should consider the idea of ​​using a wall covering material. The wall cladding is fantastic not only because of the look but because it can be easily installed on top of the existing tiles.

Today, the traditional design of kitchens is challenged by the desire to design an efficient and ergonomic kitchen (human engineering), one that will satisfy the diverse needs without compromising on the unique design style.

The design of the kitchen walls can be done in such a way that will convey a feeling of homeliness, warmth and an inviting atmosphere. The contemporary kitchen sometimes consists of a mixture of elements that aim to add warmth and coziness to the space but at the same time also create a fresh and sophisticated feeling.

Simplicity, delicate sophistication, special texture and clean lines, help to define a contemporary decorative style. Today’s interior design advocates the saying that “less means more” and contemporary cuisine is also simple, functional and functional.

Although the clean lines are the ones that indicate a contemporary design, sometimes it is worth balancing the lines, smooth and clean in the kitchen and also adding a different and contrasting texture. This can be done in combination with a different unique element or by choosing to clad one of the walls in the kitchen with a natural material such as stone, bricks or mosaics.

Indeed, today, one of the most popular trends in kitchen design is the use of natural materials and stone to create surfaces and walls in the kitchen.

Stone or brick wall cladding provides both high durability and beauty and uniqueness. For example, the wall cladding above the sink and stove in one of these natural materials will give the kitchen diversity and longevity and will allow you to incorporate a custom design element in your kitchen that will last a lifetime.

When trying to cover walls in the kitchen, keep in mind that the cladding material should address two different but very important needs: one, an easy-to-clean material that will easily keep the covered wall exposed to food and oil stains that splash during frying or cooking, and the other material to give the kitchen a look Unique designs that will complement the entire kitchen design.

Some of the new trends in contemporary kitchen design involve the use of universal design principles and materials that are environmentally friendly. The main principles of universal design include: flexibility, intuitive use, accident prevention in the kitchen and minimizing material fatigue. Green design is a trend that makes the use of safe, ecological materials, while emphasizing energy savings and recycling. The green design also gives peace of mind when it comes to negative environmental impacts and concerns