Natural stone flooring – All you have to know

Natural stone flooring – All you have to know

Flooring is one of the most important elements in a home. Natural stone flooring for a home, which can be seen in many homes today, is not a new idea, but one of the traditional and ancient ways of flooring homes.

Natural stone flooring – there is more than one option
You must have seen with your own eyes the remains of ancient buildings with the natural stone used to cover the walls and floor the floors. But because of the extreme age of interior design that uses natural stone, and because people are becoming more and more “crazy” about the look of their home – the use of natural stone for home flooring seems to be gaining more and more importance.

Natural stone flooring – varied and available
The fact is that today natural stone flooring is available in a wide variety of both colors and textures. In addition to the various and varied benefits that natural stone flooring has, one should also take into account the highest durability that these stones have. It is this durability that contributes to making them highly desirable.

A living example of the longevity and high durability of natural stone can be seen in the ancient remains and in the various monuments that have stood intact for centuries, and still have incredible beauty in them.

Choosing a stone for flooring the house

Natural stone flooring

When choosing flooring tiles, you may want to prefer natural stone, simply because it is one of the best ways to add style and elegance to a home. Natural stone flooring for a home is, literally, flooring forever.

Natural stone can be tiled very quickly in any space in the home or office.
Admittedly, stone flooring requires care and the work should not be done lightly, but if it is done professionally, the stone floor will become a powerful element. In addition, it is possible to give the stone desirable properties according to the special requirements of the place.

A variety of types of stones can be used for natural stone flooring:
Travertine – Travertine is a crystalline limestone with a very unique appearance.

Marble – Marble flooring has been used in the construction world for centuries, but is still one of the most preferred natural stone flooring in the entire world.

Slate Stone – Slate stone flooring is available in a wide variety of colors.

Canter – The canter is a stone made of volcanic ash. Its look is just great and it is available in a variety of colors.

Sandstone – Sandstone has a variety of colors that range from red to brown because it is made up of several elements.

Limestones – Limestone is usually white, and can be used as a great natural stone for flooring a room.

Granite – Granite is the hardest stone and its durability is the highest relative to other types of paving stones.

In conclusion
If you consult a natural stone flooring specialist he will be able to help you make the choice
The right one and will surely offer you the best and most suitable flooring for your home.

The specialist will also allow you to choose the type of stone that will give your home a look and feel of size, clarity and luster.
Today you can find more and more people, who are interested in investing in the design of their home. If in the past most people referred to home design only on the practical side, today it is an important and vital part of every family’s life. There is no doubt that a tastefully designed home, with an emphasis on beauty, style and of course practicality, is the ideal place that everyone would want to return to, at the end of a long and exhausting working day. It is therefore not surprising that quite a few people are willing to invest in the design of their home, whether it is painting walls, replacing furniture or cladding walls with natural stone. There is no doubt that natural stone is one of the most perfect options, for anyone who wants to add a more luxurious and elegant atmosphere to his home. Natural stone can be used for cladding walls or re-flooring the house, in order to add beauty and interest to the living space.

Natural stone – all the benefits in one place

There is no doubt that natural stone is one of the most common and popular choices among most people, as it is the perfect solution for a beautiful and practical home at the same time. Compared to synthetic stones, natural stone is considered to be more durable and sturdy, so it can be used with you for a long time. While most synthetic stones can be easily scratched or even cracked and broken as a result of falling heavy objects or even as a result of sun and rain exposure, the natural stone is hardly affected by weather conditions. As a result, it is not surprising that natural stone is considered the ideal choice for home and yard flooring, as it is more durable, stable and high quality, than any other stone. Beyond that, it is important to note that today one can find different types of natural stones, which come in a wide variety of different colors and shades. Therefore it is no problem to match the most suitable stone to the design of your home.

Natural stone

What is important to know about natural stone?

It is important to note that when it comes to natural stones, it is most often marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, slate and travertine. These are natural stones that are used for flooring and cladding walls, thanks to their ideal properties. But it is worth noting that each of these stones is slightly different from the others, both in terms of its color and hue and in terms of its physical properties. Each stone has its characteristic color, its usual texture, its level of absorption and the most ideal location for it, in terms of interior or exterior flooring. For example, the level of absorption of the stone affects its level of sensitivity to stains. A stone with a higher degree of porosity will suffer from a higher level of absorption, which means that it will melt quickly and will suffer from a less clean and less aesthetic appearance. Also, in cases of extreme cold, such stones will break faster.